Corporate Message

Ceaseless Endeavor for Development and Innovation
without Fear of Failure, with Our Unique Technology.

TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology specializes in the development and manufacture of high-frequency components for communications devices and other products that are indispensable for smartphones and tablet computers. Thanks to thriving market conditions, in addition to efforts including the expansion of production facilities, the establishment of a new production location, and an increase in personnel, we have also achieved steady growth with increased sales and profits.

However, in order to continue to take advantage of our proprietary technologies to develop in this fastchanging, highly competitive market, it is important to steadily resolve many issues and challenges one by one, while consistently maintaining the spirit of innovation that leads us to achieve accomplishments.

At TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology, we work to further increase the performance and miniaturization of our products, in order to support the practical use of the next-generation 5G communication standard, and with an eye on future standards beyond it. In addition to enhancing the specialties that we have developed, we accelerate our efforts to identify the technologies that must be added to them, so that we can continue to appropriately respond to customer needs.

To achieve our innovation objectives, I believe that it is key to establish an organization with the talent to advance and the willingness to take on challenges, able to overcome setbacks, with a refusal to be content with current success.

TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.  President and CEO  Osamu IKata