TAIYO YUDEN Group CSR Code of Conduct

Code of conduct regarding social responsibilities of TAIYO YUDEN Group

Chapter 1 GENERAL

Article 1 (Purpose and Scope)

  1. This Code of Conduct shall apply to all executives and employees who belong to TAIYO YUDEN Group.
  2. This Code of Conduct is intended for the ethical behavior of all executives and employees in TAIYO YUDEN Group in accordance with the spirit of CSR Charter of TAIYO YUDEN Group based on the compliance with laws and regulations, company rules and contracts concluded with stakeholders. TAIYO YUDEN executives and employees are also expected to behave ethically, assess and avoid risks associated with their conducts and improve their behaviors continuously.

Article 2 (Response to Whistle-Blowing)

  1. If a fact or a suspect of violation of laws and regulations or company rules including this Code of Conduct is found, it shall be reported to the specified addressee.
  2. Any raised concern shall be promptly investigated, fact confirmed and misconduct solved with the best measure.
  3. In case the informer has no dishonest purpose, the person shall not suffer unreasonable loss nor unfair treatment such as dismissal.


Article 3 (Product Development and Supply)

  1. By identifying society, market and customer needs we will design and develop products and/or service which is socially useful and with safety considerations.

Article 4 (Protection of Intellectual Property)

  1. Intellectual properties which are necessary for business operations shall be ensured, properly managed and utilized.
  2. Third party’s intellectual properties shall be respected and not be infringed.

Article 5 (Product Quality and Safety)

  1. Product safety and continuous supply of high quality products shall be ensured for high customer satisfaction and reliability

Article 6 (Business Continuity Management)

  1. Risks on emergency such as natural disaster, vicious infection, conflict, internal accident, problems in infrastructure/labor power shall be understood for preparation to prevent any problems for the supply of the product.
  2. In case of emergency, damage shall be minimized, prompt recovery measures shall be taken, and the appropriate information shall be provided to our stakeholders.

Article 7 (Responsible Procurement)

  1. Reliable and stable supply shall be maintained, understanding the relationships with social responsibilities in our supply chain.
  2. Dominant bargaining position to suppliers shall not be abused, unfair trade limit shall not be imposed, nor shall unfair trade practice be entered.

Article 8 (Fair Trade)

  1. Any unfair business practice or suspected act of cartel behavior, abuse of dominant bargaining position, tie-in sales or other acts for improper restriction of trade or unfair transaction shall be never committed.

Article 9 (International Trade)

  1. The strict export control shall be made so that weapon and relevant technologies to threaten international peace and safety will not be exported nor the conversion into such weapon will be made.
  2. The import-export transaction of cargo or technology shall be performed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Article 10 (Environmental Conservation)

  1. Environmental burden in every business activity in research, design and development of the product, procurement of parts and materials, manufacture, sales and associated services shall be reduced for global environmental conservation.


Article 11 (Labor)

  1. No child labor, forced labor or its support, enhancement or promotion shall be made.
  2. Work conditions shall be controlled appropriately. (Wages, work hours, holidays and etc.)

Article 12 (Respect of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment)

  1. The diversity, personality and individuality shall be respected and the work environment without any discrimination shall be ensured.
  2. No power harassment or sexual harassment by authority shall be conducted.

Article 13 (Safety and Health)

  1. Workplace safety shall be always ensured so that employees could work without anxiety and health of employees are maintained.


Article 14 (Proper Accounting)

  1. The corporate asset and resource shall be properly controlled and used.
  2. The payment of expense, capitalization of sales and profit, remittance, etc. shall be properly processed.
  3. The laws and regulations on tax and foreign currency shall be correctly understood and proper processing on tax payment shall be performed.

Article 15 (Business Entertainment, Gift, etc. and Prohibition of Conflict of Interest)

  1. The entertainment and gift to the customers, and from the business partners shall be limited to the minimum within the scope of social common sense and moderate relationship shall be maintained.
  2. The business entertainment, gift giving shall be prohibited and fair relationship shall be maintained within TAIYO YUDEN Group.
  3. Any act which leads to personal interest or interests of third parties against TAIYO YUDEN Group interest shall be prohibited.

Article 16 (Politics, Government and Antisocial Power)

  1. In order to maintain healthy and proper relationship with politics and government, bribe-giving and misleading acts shall be never made.
  2. The involvement with antisocial power and entity such as gangsters, terrorist groups, and religious cults shall be consistently refused.

Article 17 (Contribution to Society)

  1. In any business activities, the local culture and custom shall be respected while harmonization with local community and mutual confidence are established and the contribution to the development of local community is enhanced.
  2. Effort shall be made so that our technology and product contribute to the social and cultural development.

Article 18 (Prohibition of Insider Trading)

  1. In case of awareness of any insider information of TAIYO YUDEN Group, customers/business partners, etc. the transaction of such stock and bond shall be never made until public announcement of such information.
  2. Insider information shall never be communicated or insider trading shall never be made for the purpose of yielding a profit to someone from pre-publication information or avoiding occurrence of loss.

Article 19 (Disclosure of Corporate Information and Communication with Society)

  1. It shall be fully recognized that corporate information such as management information contributes to the profit of investors and the information shall be externally disclosed.
  2. Increased importance of communication with society shall be fully understood and active communication shall be made.

Article 20 (Information Management)

  1. Confidential information of customers, suppliers, etc. shall be properly handled.
  2. Confidential information of corporate management, sales and personal information of employees, etc. shall be treated properly.
  3. In order to prevent loss, leak, or falsification of information, the security of computer network shall be maintained with necessary countermeasures.

Established in March,2015