TAIYO YUDEN Group’s Charter on Social Responsibility

To win the trust and goodwill of society, the TAIYO YUDEN Group will respect human rights, keep abreast of and comply with laws and international rules and regulations, and take a socially conscious course of action based on high ethical standards.


  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will win our clients’ confidence by developing and providing high value-added products and services for which safety is thoroughly considered.
  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will pursue global environmental preservation by reducing environmental impacts caused by our business activities.
  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will engage in fair, open, and free competition while maintaining sound relationships with governmental/administrative bodies, citizens, and organizations.


  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will respect the dignity and individuality of each person based on recognition of people’s diverse backgrounds and characteristics.
  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will strive to create safe work environments that ensure our employees are able to perform their duties with a sense of reassurance.


  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will actively participate in social contribution efforts while valuing co-existence with local and international communities.
  • The TAIYO YUDEN Group will promote widespread communication with society and disclose corporate information on a timely basis in an appropriate manner.

Established in February,2005

CSR Code of Conduct