TAIYO YUDEN Group Safety & Environment Charter

Fundamental Principle of Safety and Health

Employees are big assets to TAIYO YUDEN. To ensure the employees’ happiness, the safety shall be kept so that employees could work without anxiety and the health of employees are maintained.

Fundamental Principle of Environment

To hand over this precious Earth to the future generation, environmental burden in every business activity in research, development and design of the product, procurement of parts and materials manufacture, sales and associated services shall be reduced.

Action Policy for Safety & Health/Environment

    1. Develop and produce Smart Products and maintain consistency of supply.
    2. Comply with relevant Safety & Health/Environmental laws, regulations and stakeholder’s requirements.
    3. Prevent industrial accidents, environmental pollution and fire incidents.
    4. Ensure that every employee recognizes and plays his/her own role for Safety & Health/Environment.
    5. Disclose Safety & Health/Environmental activities status on a regular basis.

Action Policy for Biodiversity Conservation

TAIYO YUDEN is engaged in minimizing negative impacts on biodiversity and aims for cohabitation with nature, recognizing that business activities depend upon ecosystem services derived from biodiversity, and at the same time exert an impact on it.
TAIYO YUDEN aims for sustainable use of natural resources through 3R activities (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and ultimately for contribution to biodiversity conservation.

November 2015
Representative Director of TAIYO YUDEN