TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology supplies communication devices(FBAR/SAW)
for mobile phones and M2M/IoT.

Overview and Basics

Throwing a pebble into water creates a ripple on the surface, with waves spreading out in all directions. On an elastic body with a free surface, this means a phenomenon where there are localized waves propagating on the surface, known as surface acoustic waves (SAWs).

A SAW device is a device (component) that transforms electric signals into SAWs spreading on the surface of a piezoelectric material, and takes out only the waves with the necessary wavelength and frequency. On the other hand, FBAR devices can handle even higher frequency bands than SAW devices can, using the operating principle of a film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR).

Filters as Devices

FBAR/SAW filters are components that exclusively extract signals with a specific wavelength and frequency from electric signals containing various frequencies, using an electrical property known as piezo-electricity. These filters remove unwanted noise from the sound of mobile phones, making the transmitted information (e.g. voice over the phone) clearer.

Duplexers as Devices

A duplexer is a component that simultaneously transmits and receives signals through an antenna for mobile communications. It has three ports, for the antenna, transmission, and reception, and includes an FBAR/SAW filter. Duplexers are used as discrete components (separate devices, single-function components), or as modules in combination with other parts with different functions. As they develop for higher performance and smaller sizes, the need for customized and low-profile products is rapidly increasing.

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